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Healthcare for families

Arkansans deserves affordable healthcare


As a retired nurse, I understand this challenge. Sick people can't work. Sick kids can't go to school. When we prioritize public health, we all win. 

I know we can:

  • Expand school clinics, mental health & support services for students and families.

  • Work with the schools and PTAs to  establish school programs centered on “living wholeheartedly,” building support systems and equipping student with skills to cope with life’s challenges.

  • Increase Medicaid waiver and home services.

Opportunities and jobs

We deserve to be paid for our hard work

As an entrepreneur, I know when government needs to get out of the way, as well as what it can do to allow for more opportunities.

I've faced state regulations that stifled growth. I know how to overcome them.  I've also faced monopolies, and I've seen what corporate overreach can do to small farms and communities.

I will fight:

  • To support Community Development Block Grants which funds projects chosen by the local town.

  • To increase community opportunities for gathering spaces, trails, parks.

  • To defend the minimum wage increase approved by an overwhelming majority of Arkansans.

  • For a State Earned Income Tax Credit

Quality education, safe schools

Our children deserve a good education

All five of my children graduated from public
Arkansas schools – so did I.


Quality education gives kids the opportunity to succeed and live wholeheartedly.  I will protect our public school resources from being diverted to privatized schools for the few. I will fight to:


  • Protect public school funding.

  • Keep schools safe.

  • Keep after school and community based programs for kids.

  • Expand broadband and technologies into small rural communities.

  • Increase teacher training to incorporate strategies to develop a sense of  resiliency.

  • Fund research on the effects of  gun violence.

Peace of mind

Mental health services keep us safe

Compassion, understanding and mental health services are critical in this age of increasing fear, increasing addiction and inter-generational poverty.

I will fight to:


  • Increase community mental health services through community collaborations to establish proven 12 Step programs.

  • Increase access to mindful meditation and yoga through community-school collaborations.

  • Maintain basic mental health coverage in insurance plans.

Contribution checks may be sent to

Lou Reed Sharp for State Representative

PO Box 675

Tontitown, AR 72770

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