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I love living in rural Arkansas, but I can't knock on 29,000 doors without your help.

  • Everyone can help with Social Media! 

  • Follow us on Facebook

  • Like and Share our Facebook page. 

  • Encourage your friends to do the Same

  • Use Hashtags #teamlou #loucrew

  • Add your personal endorsement on Facebook.


  • Canvassing

  • Voter Registration

  • Phone Banking

  • Host a neighborhood meet & greet

  • Put a yard sign in your yard

  • Hold a "Like-a-thon"

  • Host a Neighborhood Meet & Greet

  • Data Entry

  • Email my campaign manager below and tell us about you!

Volunteer Activities


Join us for upcoming coffee conversations around town!

Details on Facebook or email for dates.

Coffee Conversations

  • Volunteer Outreach

  • Public Relations

  • Events

  • Social Media

  • Fundraising

Intern Opportunities

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